Katherine Pears
Alicia Miao
Mackenzie Burton
Beth Green
Bridget Hatfield
Deena Scheidt
Organizational Affiliation(s): 
OSLC Developments, Inc.
Oregon Early Learning Division
Portland State University
Oregon State University
Publication Date: 
June, 2021

The Early Learning Division COVID-19 Early Educator Survey was conducted in March 2021. Licensed early childhood educators in publicly-funded and private programs across the state answered questions about: the types of services (if any) that they provided during the COVID-19 pandemic; the extent of program closures and job loss; whether closures and unemployment had disproportionately affected different types of programs, job positions, and educators from traditionally under-represented groups; the extent to which they had utilized various sources of relief funding; and potential supports and barriers to pandemic recovery.

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Katherine C. Pears
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