Roberta B. Weber
Megan E. Pratt
Laurie Houston
Organizational Affiliation(s): 
Oregon Child Care Research Partnership, Oregon State University
Publication Date: 
December, 2022

Along with Minnesota, Oregon has produced a case study of the state’s child care subsidy program. The purpose of the study was to increase understanding of the association of subsidy program policies and outcomes. The case study began with a description of the Oregon child care subsidy program through 2019. The bulk of the case study is devoted to providing a detailed description of the program over time, including both policies and outcomes. The final section provides a synthesis of the presented material in which key questions about program outcomes are addressed. One or more hypotheses of the association of policies and outcomes is presented; the hypotheses flow from findings of the descriptive study. Finally, the relevance of the findings for Oregon and other states is explored.

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Oregon Child Care Research Partnership
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