Woody Davis


I’ve served as a 4-H Youth Development Professional for 35 years. Started in 1988 with New Mexico State University Extension, serving 2 counties. I relocated to Oregon in 1997 and have filled the Columbia County 4-H position for the last 26 years. I have a BS and MA, both in Ag and Extension Education and both from NMSU. My appointment is 90% county 4-H and 10% statewide 4-H Challenge and Adventure.

My work and program focus includes Portable Challenge facilitation and design, high and low ROPES facilitation, summer camp leadership, and team building and group leadership/process. I have created youth running programs, wilderness programs for at-risk youth, surf camps along with the more common 4-H Project workshops, volunteer maintenance/training and club management.  

I have a passion for the outdoors. I grew up hiking, climbing, and backpacking. My adult activities have included running, mountain climbing, mountain biking, camping, kayaking, SUP and now overlanding in the backcountry.

We are a blended family of 7. My wife teaches middle school science and health. We have a daughter in Bozeman, MT who teaches high school leadership; a son who is a freshman at OSU; and two sons and a daughter in high school.