Sabrina Pillai

Sabrina Pillai, PhD

Sabrina Pillai, PhD


Academic interests

Sabrina has two distinct areas of research interest. The first is perinatal epidemiology and maternal and child health. Her research focuses on maternity care in the U.S. and outcomes associated with out-of-hospital/community births. The second is injury epidemiology and occupational safety and health. Specifically, she examines injury and illness in the commercial fishing industry.


Dr. Sabrina Pillai is a biostatistician for the US Army Public Health Center. An epidemiologist adept at advanced biostatistical methods, her research interests include planned birth setting, maternal and neonatal outcomes of birth, perinatal epidemiology, and causal inference. Sabrina earned her BSPH and MPH from Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. She received her PhD from Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences.