Megan Pratt

Academic interests

Megan Pratt coordinates the Oregon Child Care Research Partnership, which serves two primary functions: 1) to conduct research related to child care and education policy of interest to local and state partners; and 2) to convene a virtual organization that brings together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners for shared learning and networking around issues of child care and education in the state.

Dr. Pratt’s work focuses on understanding early learning at local, state, and national levels, with an emphasis on evaluating potential variation in experiences across communities and populations. She investigates child care and early learning from the perspectives of the child, family, and workforce. Her work also examines how both formal (eg child care) and informal community-based (eg libraries) settings support families and caregivers of young children.


OPB: Think Out Loud

June 8, 2021

An Oregon State University report shows that even before the pandemic, all Oregon counties were considered “child-care deserts,” meaning they lacked adequate child care for infants and toddlers. And in many counties, parents of preschool-aged children also lacked childcare options. Megan Pratt is an assistant professor of practice in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University and the lead author of the report. Alyssa Chatterjee is the acting early learning system director of the Oregon Department of Education’s Early Learning Division. It funded the report. They join us with details on what the findings mean for Oregon families.

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OPB: Think Out Loud

Feb 21, 2019

For every childcare slot available in Oregon, there are at least eight infants and toddlers who need care. A new report from Oregon State University finds that every county in the state is a ‘childcare desert.’ We talk to Megan Pratt, the author of the new report, and Miriam Calderon, Early Learning System director at the Oregon Department of Education.

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