Julia Drizin

Academic interests

As a doctoral student, Julia's research interests focused on psychosocial aspects of cancer survivorship, partner caregiver experiences, and improving patient-provider communication around sexual and reproductive health. Her research used both quantitative and qualitative methods to explore the reproductive and sexual health care experiences of cancer survivors. She was also involved in adapting and implementing an evidence-based intervention to improve sexual function for female cancer survivors.


“Leveraging Social Media to Improve Patient-Provider Sexual Health Communication in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Care.”

Relevant Coursework

Advanced Evaluation and Research Design, Qualitative Research Methods, Linear Regression, Longitudinal Data and Multilevel Modeling, Health Behavior Measurement, Development of Health Behavior Interventions, Grant Writing, Program Sustainability


Julia Drizin is a behavioral scientist and user researcher who employs mixed methods. She has demonstrated expertise in patient-centered research, usability testing, communicating insights, project management and facilitating workshops. She is driven by a desire to understand people's needs and develop evidence-based strategies to meet those needs.