Allen Taggart

Allen Taggart

Allen Taggart

Assistant Professor, Practice

Washington County Extension Service
1815 NW 169th Place Suite 1000
Beaverton, OR 97006
United States


Allen Taggart has always been inspired by 4-H’s commitment for youth to “learn by doing”. In his career with 4-H, he has focused on engaging first-generation 4-H youth, delivering high-quality memorable experiences, and getting kids outdoors. He is an Assistant Professor of Practice at Oregon State University and leads the 4-H Youth Development program in Washington County, OR. He conducts research in program experience quality, positive youth development, and outdoor education.

Allen is currently involved in the following major projects: Outdoor Leadership Training, 4-H Short Term Education Programs (STEP), 4-H Summer Conference, 4-H Wild West Camp, and 4-H Teen Teachers.

I see opportunity in connecting with on-campus faculty to provide service learning/internship experiences for undergrad and graduate students. I am interested in developing relationships to conduct research in youth program quality, outdoor education, and experience design. I also see opportunity in connecting with on campus faculty and programs to bring middle school and high school youth for on-campus experiences like 4-H Summer Conference.


Examples of scholarship

  • Video: 2023 Outdoor Leadership Training
  • Ellis, G., Skrocki, A., Locke, D., Freeman, P., Janes, K., Taggart, A., & Jiang, J. (2022). A Curriculum for Developing and Training Experience Designers. Healthy Learning.
  • Taggart, A. S., Ellis, G. D., Jiang, J., & Lacanienta, A. (2019). Using experience industry strategies to increase quality of youth program experiences. Journal of Youth Development, 14(4), 59-82. DOI: 10.5195/jyd.2019.749  
  • Ellis, G. D., Taggart, A., Lepley, T., & Lacanienta, A. (2019). Method for monitoring quality of extension programs: a dashboard construction process. The Journal of Extension, 57(1), 24. DOI: 10.34068/joe.57.01.24
  • Lacanienta, A., Ellis, G., Taggart, A., Wilder, J., & Carroll, M. (2018). Does theming camp experiences lead to greater quality, satisfaction, and promotion?. Journal of Youth Development, 13(1-2), 216-239. DOI: 10.5195/jyd.2018.535