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How and When to register for classes

Visit How to Register for more information on how to register and to see the registration schedule for the upcoming term.

To see all Public Health classes for an upcoming term, visit the General Catalog and Schedule of Classes page. Type the department code (H) and the term (i.e., Fall 2014) into the QuickJump box at the top of the page and click on the blue Go button.

When you are ready to register, login to Student Online Services. You will need to know your OSU ID and GAP.



Canvas is the online educational portal that provides access to information about your classes and allows instructors to communicate with students. You may access Canvas here using your ONID ID and password.


Internships (MPH Students)

Work with your MPH advisor and the Internship Coordinator to prepare for your internship experience. For more information, review the Internship Handbook.


OSU Graduate School

The Graduate School’s Current Students, Academic Progress and Graduate Student Success pages have a wealth of information for current students, including:

  • Required forms
  • Your Program of Study
  • Time lines for current students (under the flow chart links)
  • Graduate School deadlines
  • How and when to form a committee
  • Procedures for exams
  • Continuous Enrollment and Leave of Absence

and much more!


Congratulations! You’re about to graduate…

Keep in touch and receive valuable professional information. Please email the MPH Administrative Director with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Degree
  • MPH option or PhD area of concentration
  • Term graduated
  • Personal email address
  • Information about job placement immediately after graduation (e.g., are you employed by the private sector, or non-profit agency, pursuing further education, or searching for your dream job. Placement information is reported anonymously to CEPH for accreditation purposes. Information is confidential.)


How to…for Public Health Graduate Students

Reserve a room for competency exams

Room 432 in Waldo Hall is available on a first-come, first-served basis for students taking their comps. Contact Nancy Creel or Megan Ferris to make a reservation. If the room is unavailable, the Valley Library has rooms available for no charge. You can make a reservation via the Library website.


Get a class override

Sometimes you will have difficulty registering for a class because of capacity or other issues. If a class is full, first contact the instructor to see if he or she is willing to let you enroll. If they give approval, see Nancy Creel in 404 Waldo to get the override. After the override is given, you may register for the course.


Add a class/drop a class/change credits after the second week of classes

You may add or drop classes at will up until the end of the first week of classes. During the second week you will need a department override, which requires instructor approval before you can join the class. Beginning week 3, if you wish to add or drop classes, or change the number of credits of a blanket course, you must fill out the Petition for Late Change of Registration (available from the Registrar’s Office in Kerr Admin, or the Late Registration page of the Regrstrar's website). You will be charged $20 for each change.


Register for a blanket course

(H501, H505, H506, H507, H509, H510, H601, H605, H606, H613, H614)

These classes require an override before you can register, and before the override can be given you must fill out the To Be Arranged (TBA) form. Obtain the TBA form from the rack next to 475 Waldo, or from the link below. Complete the form and get the signatures of the course instructor and your advisor. Bring it to Nancy Creel in 404 Waldo. She will perform the override and let you know in person or via email that you may register. (If Nancy is not available, see Megan Ferris in 437 Waldo.)


Forms and Documents

(if you have trouble with pdf fill-in forms, save and open in Acrobat Reader. Sometimes Apple Preview or other apps don't play nice with forms.)


Scholarships and Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships are processed through the College of Public Health and Human Sciences. See Fellowships for information and required forms.

Specific instructions for Public Health graduate students:

  • Leave your two photocopies of the complete fellowship application packet as described in the award announcement (see Fellowships) with reception in 123 Women’s Building; address packets to the Graduate Programs Manager. Note that you must include your OSU transcripts through Fall term of this academic year. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. (Note that transcripts from effort prior to your OSU graduate program are not required.)
  • If photocopies of letters of recommendation from your Public Health application file are required to complete your application, email the MPH Administrative Director before Monday, February   requesting the specific application letter(s) be added to your fellowship packet, and place a copy of the message on top of your two fellowship application packets. Note that continuing students (beyond the first year) need at least one of the two letters of recommendation to be written by an OSU Public Health faculty member. All new letters must be included with the two copies of the fellowship application packet.

Also see: "Financing Your Education" at the Oregon State University Graduate School website.

Applicants desiring consideration of faculty nomination to fellowships must have a complete application filed with the Public Health Programs Manager by December 1.


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