• PhD program applicants apply through the SOPHAS website
  • Complete applications are due December 1 for first consideration of a Public Health teaching assistantship or possible faculty nomination for a fellowship/scholarship.
  • For consideration of admission, applications must include the required supplemental materials (see below) at the deadline.  Applications that are incomplete at the December 1 deadline will be held for possible completion and consideration at the final March 1 deadline. Only complete applications are considered.
  • Program information is available in the Public Health student PhD handbooks available on the graduate handbooks page.
  • PhD program applicants apply to a specific PhD program concentration.  See handbooks at the above link for a listing of concentrations.

Current OSU graduate students

Current OSU graduate students interested in our dual DVM degree or a concurrent degree, contact the Public Health Programs Manager.

    PhD program admission requirements

    • Applicants must meet both OSU and Public Health admission requirements.
    • See the university Graduate Student admission page for Graduate School requirements.
    • Public Health Academic Unit Admission Requirements:  In addition to University admission requirements, applicants to the  Public Health PhD program are expected to hold the following degrees prior to admission:

    PhD admitted applicants must provide to the OSU Graduate School official transcript(s) showing a master’s level degree earned (in a relevant field) before registration will be allowed. The master’s level degree must be a 45 quarter credit-hour graduate degree from a regionally accredited university.

    *If the degree was completed in a country that is a signature of the Bologna Declaration, see the OSU Graduate Catalog for details.

    PhD program application materials and process

    1. PhD applicants apply online through SOPHAS

    2. All required supplemental application materials must be in the SOPHAS application in time for SOPHAS to verify before the deadline.

    3. A statement of objectives specific to your PhD area of concentration, include mention of the specific PhD concentration title, and your goals in pursuing higher education in Public Health. This statement is to be included in a field on the SOPHAS app.

    4. Three letters of professional or academic reference. The letters must be current and specific to your academic area of interest and must include your full name as used in your online application. Letters of recommendation are submitted to SOPHAS

    5. Official GRE Scores from a test taken in the last five (5) years. The Oregon State University ETS code is 0031. The department code can be entered as 0000. All Public Health PhD applicants must provide official GRE scores from a test taken within the last 5 years. Recommended minimum GRE scores for PhD applicants: Analytical 4.5; Verbal 500 on old exam or 153 on new exam; Quantitative 500 on old exam or 144 on new exam. PhD program applicants are expected to have higher scores in all categories.

    6. All applicants must upload a current resume to SOPHAS.

    7. PhD program applicants must upload a professional writing sample (to SOPHAS), with a suggested length of ten (10) pages. Include your full name as used on the online application, and your assigned OSU number, if available.

    8. Supplemental OSU application (with fee).

    • The supplemental application is emailed to applicant after SOPHAS application is submitted.

    English Language Proficiency and Official TOEFL scores
    Financial certificate with supporting documentation.
    See: OSU Office of International Admissions

    PhD program applicants should note

    Complete applications are required for consideration. Applicants are responsible for factoring in SOPHAS processing time when submitting material. Incomplete applications at the first deadline of December 1 will be held over for completion and possible review at the March 1 deadline.

    Notification of admission decision and communication with admitted applicants

    The Graduate School notifies applicants of the admission decision. Notification is usually sent by late February to applicants with a complete application at December 1. March 1 applicants are notified by early May. The admission decision may be accessed on the application web site.

    Admitted students will receive a request from both the Graduate School and the Public Health graduate programs manager to confirm intent to enroll. Those who confirm intent with the Public Health PhD program manager will receive a second email with Fall term course requirements and orientation information. MPH admitted applicants should note that advisor assignments are made and notification sent to each student in late summer prior to Fall term matriculation.

    Transfer credits

    See the Public Health PhD student handbook for information about transfer credits. Note that the consideration of transfer credits is determined after admission and matriculation by the student’s graduate adviser/committee on the Program of Study form, which is submitted to the Graduate School for approval.

    Time limit to complete degree

    A Public Health PhD student may not take more than eight (8) years to complete the program. If more than five years elapses between the preliminary oral examination and the final examination, the candidate will be required to take another preliminary oral examination.

    How to apply for fellowships

    • All Public Health Graduate Program applicants are encouraged to apply for Fellowships. For detailed descriptions of available fellowships, application deadlines etc., please visit Graduate fellowships.
    • Applicants desiring consideration of faculty nomination for fellowships must have a complete application filed by the December 1 deadline for first consideration. Applicants and continuing students are encouraged to apply for appropriate awards that do not require faculty nomination.
    • For information on scholarships at OSU visit Financing Your Education at the Graduate School website.

    Information about teaching (GTA) and research (GRA) positions

    For information on graduate teaching assistantships (GTA), and graduate research assistantships (GRA), at OSU visit the Graduate School Website. Research assistantships are determined by individual faculty members who have research grant funding, interested applicants must contact faculty directly.