Graduates of the Professional Physical Education Teacher Education Program:

Earn 4 Levels Of Licensure (K-12)
The program offers continuous on-site supervised student teaching in elementary, middle, and high school physical education settings.

Gain Experience With Special Populations, Including Students With Disabilities
In association with our nationally recognized graduate program Adapted Physical Activity, Physical Education students work with children and youth with special needs in a variety of physical education environments including OSU's IMPACT Program

Study Within A Content Centered Curriculum
The body of knowledge in pedagogy related to physical education is one of the strengths of this program along with a central focus on field experiences. The PETE program is housed in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences. The 54 hour program includes 24 credit hours of course work taught by Physical Education Teacher Education Faculty in Exercise and Sport Science (EXSS), 9 credit hours of coursework taught by other EXSS faculty, and 21 credit hours of internship experiences in public schools supervised by Physical Education Teacher Education Faculty. Requirements for the optional Continuing License include completing 9 quarter hours, the development of a professional teaching portfolio, and three years of teaching

Move As A Cohort
Students move through the program as a cohort. That is, the beginning and ending date is the same for all students during any one year. In addition, they are placed in the same student teaching level each term and take the same EXSS courses which allows maximum opportunity to build a support system for these beginning teachers within their peer group

Have Continuous On-Site Student Teaching
Students are in public school physical education settings for student teaching experiences for the entire school year (Fall/Winter/Spring). They begin in early fall at a middle school site with an opening of school year experience and continue at that site throughout fall term. They are moved to an elementary school physical education setting for a ten week winter term followed by a ten week full-time experience at a school level of their choice, usually high school. Fall and Winter student teaching requires approximately 180 hours of contact time in the schools which equals 6 credits per term. Spring student teaching is full time (9 credit hours) at a level of the student's choice

Contribute To The Public School Partnership
Collaboration with area public school teachers serves as the foundation for the student teaching portion of our program in Physical Education. Master teachers are selected from the schools and invited to participate in this joint effort to prepare outstanding teachers

Engage In Teacher Effectiveness Research
Students are introduced to skills of effective teaching supported by research. Action research projects are completed in conjunction with public school teachers and/or university faculty.