Active and recent research studies, of which many are supported by external grants obtained by our graduate students.


Studies Related to Adapted Physical Education

  • Applying Transtheoretical model to changing adapted physical education teacher behavior to include students with disability in physical education
  • Effects of instructional approaches on enjoyment and physical activity levles of children with disabilities
  •  Evidence based practice in adapted physical education
  • The role of the paraeducator in the general physical education environment


Studies Related to Aging

  •  Aging and physical behavior changes in persons with disabilities


Studies Related to Developmental Disabilities

  • After-school sedentary behavior in elementary school-age children with mental retardation
  • Accuracy of pedometers for individuals with and without Down Syndrome 
  • Construct validation of self-report with assistance to measure physical activity behavior in adults with intellectual disabilities
  • Gait transitions of persons with and without intellectual disability
  • Sources and magnitude of variability in physical activity among children with developmental disabilities


Studies Related to Intervention

  • Prevalence of physical inactivity and recommended physical activity in community-based adults with mental retardation
  • Walking for health in persons with intellectual disability


Studies Related to Measurement and Research Methods

  • Psychometric properties of systematic observation techniques for assessing physical activity levels in children with mental retardation


Studies Related to Physical Disabilities

  • Barriers to physical activity in persons with multiple sclerosis
  • Psychosocial predictors of physical activity and health-related quality of life among adults with physical disabilities