Student guidance on internship and clinical education courses

Updated March 16, 2020

  Please note that the following guidance may be updated as the situation continues to evolve.

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Thank you for your patience while we’ve sought guidance on how to best support you in your internship and clinical education courses. In these extraordinary times, we need to be as creative and as liberal as possible in adapting our required experiences to the situation at hand.

We want you to complete your degree having met our standards and requirements as closely as possible. Yet, we need to adapt and be flexible, and we may need to ask you and sites/preceptors to be flexible as well.

We will continue to evaluate the situation as it pertains to internships/clinical education.

At this time, we want to share with you the following:

  • If you are uncomfortable participating in your planned internships for the spring term, please contact your College of Public Health and Human Sciences internship coordinator immediately.
  • We are communicating with internship sites/preceptors to determine if they are still willing to host student interns or if they require any changes to planned activities, etc.
  • Your internship coordinator will review your specific plans for spring term, and will be in touch with you about any required or recommended changes (if they haven’t already done so).
  • We may need to make changes to plans for spring term to better accommodate principles of social distancing, remote participation, etc.
  • Please remain in contact with your internship coordinator throughout spring term. In particular, please contact your internship coordinator immediately if during the term you learn of any changes at your internship/clinical site that will impact you. Contact your internship coordinator immediately if any changes to your personal health or circumstances impact your ability to complete your internship/clinical education.
  • Consider how potential changes to your internship plans for spring term may impact your graduation and career plans. Communicate with your advisor to strategize.
  • Your internship coordinator will communicate separately with you regarding any changes to specific course requirements, etc. for spring term.


Please do not hesitate to contact your internship coordinator with questions and concerns. These are extraordinary times, and we will work with you to adapt and find solutions.