Student guidance on internship and clinical education courses

Updated March 22, 2022

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

  Please note that the following guidance may be updated as the situation continues to evolve.

In the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, we highly value the educational opportunities provided through internships, practica, and clinical education. Our first priority is the health and safety of our Oregon State University community, including students, faculty, staff, and the community in which Oregon State University resides.



Internship details vary by CPHHS program. Students are encouraged to contact their internship coordinator to discuss their program-specific options for participating in internships/clinical education.

For Spring term, internships/clinical education may take place on-site or remotely, depending on the program. This will continue to be assessed as the situation evolves to ensure health and safety. Any changes needed will be shared directly with students through email, internship coordinator contact, and through this webpage.

We are here for you. Please contact your internship coordinator with questions and concerns. These are extraordinary times, and we will work with you to adapt and find solutions.


Winter internships

In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 and contribute to a healthy campus and community, students who are completing an internship/practicum/clinical education must adhere to their internship site COVID vaccination and/or testing protocols.

Students who are unwilling/unable to conform to these requirements should contact the internship coordinator immediately to discuss options.

  • Comply with the OSU COVID-19 Immunization Requirement. OSU employees and students who meet an exemption not to be vaccinated will be required to test for COVID-19 weekly.
  • Read OSU’s COVID-19 Safety and Success policy.
  • Ask internship/practicum site if they have a policy on face coverings, and follow guidance.
  • Ask internship/practicum site if they have a policy on physical distancing, and follow guidance.
  • Self-screen for symptoms of COVID-19 before going to the internship/practicum site. Stay home if symptoms are present. Follow OSU Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines, or the internship site Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines if they exceed OSU’s guidelines.

    If you test positive, follow OSU’s Positive Case Notification process.

  • Stay home if you have been in close contact with someone else with symptoms or someone known to be positive with the disease. Follow OSU Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines or the internship site quarantine and isolation guidelines if they exceed OSU’s guidelines. Based on your immunization status, you may need to stay home, watch for symptoms, and/or get tested for COVID-19.
  • Practice good hand hygiene (e.g., frequently wash or sanitize hands; avoid touching face with unwashed hands).
  • Keep the internship coordinator informed of any updates or changes to the internship related to COVID-19. Contact them at any time with questions or concerns.


For additional information, visit Oregon State University’s COVID-19 Safety & Success.