School of Biological and Population Health Sciences

College of Health

The School of Biological and Population Health Sciences comprises the fields of Kinesiology, Nutrition and the Public Health disciplines of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Global Health, and Environmental and Occupational Health.

These disciplinary approaches link individual biology and behavior to population and environmental health to better understand how environmental and behavioral factors, including food and nutrition, physical activity, water, pollution, carcinogens, biohazards, etc., influence the development and progression of biological disease.

Applying the quantitative methods of epidemiology and biostatistics allows better understanding of the causes of population-level disease as well as methods of intervention and prevention.


Programs of study


Academic courses serving all OSU students

The HHS 231 Lifetime Fitness for Health baccalaureate core course is designed to encourage personal awareness and responsibility for the maintenance of health and physical well being.

The Physical Activity Course (PAC) Program provides all Oregon State University students with the knowledge and experience to make intelligent decisions regarding present and future physically active lifestyles.



Faculty Staff Fitness provides 30-40 physical activity classes serving over 800 faculty/staff, GTA's/GRA's, spouses/partners, and retirees of the university each term.