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E. J. Rugel, Chow, C. K., Corsi, D. J., Hystad, P., Rangarajan, S., Yusuf, S., and Lear, S. A., Developing indicators of age-friendly neighbourhood environments for urban and rural communities across 20 low-, middle-, and high-income countries., BMC Public Health, vol. 22, no. 1, p. 87, 2022.
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K. Boakye, Bovbjerg, M. L., Schuna, Jr, J. M., Branscum, A. J., Varma, R. Prasad, Ismail, R., Barbarash, O., Dominguez, J., Altuntas, Y., Anjana, R. Mohan, Yusuf, R., Kelishadi, R., Lopez-Jaramillo, P., Iqbal, R., Seron, P., Rosengren, A., Poirier, P., Lakshmi, P. V. M., Khatib, R., Zatonska, K., Hu, B., Yin, L., Wang, C., Yeates, K., Chifamba, J., AlHabib, K. F., Avezum, A., Dans, A., Lear, S. A., Yusuf, S., and Hystad, P., Urbanization and physical activity in the global Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiology study, Scientific Reports, vol. 13, no. 1, 2023.