TitleWomen's acceptance of the diaphragm: the role of relationship factors.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBeckman, LJ, Harvey, SM, Thorburn, S, Maher, JE, Burns, KL
JournalJournal of sex research
Date Published2006 Nov
KeywordsWomen's Health

The vaginal diaphragm is a candidate for a female-controlled method of reducing risk of HIV/STI acquisition. We examined the association between relationship and partner factors and three measures of diaphragm acceptability: current use, consistency of use, and satisfaction with use. We conducted a telephone survey with 448 female members of a managed care organization, aged 18-49, who currently used contraception (including 140 diaphragm users, 187 pill users, and 121 male condom users). Use of a specific contraceptive was significantly associated with relationship length, condom-use negotiation self-efficacy, importance of covert use, perceived motivation of partner to prevent HIV/STIs, and perceived satisfaction of partner with current method. In addition, among diaphragm users, communication about HIV/STIs and perceived partner motivation to use a diaphragm were related to consistent use. These results suggest that acceptability of contraceptive methods among women is influenced by their perceptions of their male partner and relationship factors.