TitleWHO World Report on Disability: a review.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsKrahn, GL
JournalDisability and health journal
Date Published2011 Jul
KeywordsWorld Health Organization

The World Health Organization in collaboration with the World Bank developed the World Report on Disability to inform governments of countries about the importance of disability, analyze scientific information, and provide recommendations for action at the national and international levels. The report is remarkably readable, comprehensive, and concise. There are recurrent themes of the connection between disability and poverty, and within disability groups, the relatively greater vulnerability of women, children, and persons with mental health disabilities. Chapter content includes an overview of disability, global view addressing measurement and prevalence, general health care, rehabilitation, assistance and supports, enabling environments, education, work and employment, and recommendations for moving forward. The report successfully illustrates a great need for improved data, policies, and programs, while describing promising practices that can inform policy makers in addressing these needs. This report is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in a global view on disability and should be required reading for any students in disability and public health.