TitleVulnerabilities to food insecurity: Interconnected risks and assets for coping among low-income men
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsMunger, ALauren, Grutzmacher, SK, Rockler, B
JournalJournal of the Society for Social Work and Research
Date Published01/2021


A consideration of low-income men’s social, economic, and environmental contexts reveals potential vulnerabilities to food insecurity, yet their experiences of food insecurity have not been well documented. As such, this paper explores the risks and assets for food insecurity as described by a sample of 30 low-income men.


Data were collected through in-depth semi-structured interviews and analyzed using thematic analysis.


Men reported experiencing multiple, co-occurring, and accumulating hardships that interfered with meeting basic needs and accessing food. Risks included health problems, limited employment, lack of transportation, and housing problems. Assets for coping included financial management skills, relationships, and public and private community assistance, particularly SNAP.


Findings indicate that policies and programs targeting one area of hardship, while potentially helpful in meeting immediate needs, will not address the interconnected root causes and consequences of poverty. Furthermore, policies and programs should support and leverage existing assets of low-income men to amplify programmatic benefit.

Short TitleJournal of the Society for Social Work and Research