TitleTools for improving clinical preventive services receipt among women with disabilities of childbearing ages and beyond.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSinclair, LB, Taft, KE, Sloan, ML, Stevens, AC, Krahn, GL
JournalMatern Child Health J
Date Published06/2015
KeywordsAdolescent, Adult, Disabled Persons, Female, Humans, Maternal Health Services, Preventive Medicine, Quality Improvement, United States, Women's Health, Young Adult

Efforts to improve clinical preventive services (CPS) receipt among women with disabilities are poorly understood and not widely disseminated. The reported results represent a 2-year, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs partnership to develop a central resource for existing tools that are of potential use to maternal and child health practitioners who work with women with disabilities. Steps included contacting experts in the fields of disability and women's health, searching the Internet to locate examples of existing tools that may facilitate CPS receipt, convening key stakeholders from state and community-based programs to determine their potential use of the tools, and developing an online Toolbox. Nine examples of existing tools were located. The tools focused on facilitating use of the CPS guidelines, monitoring CPS receipt among women with disabilities, improving the accessibility of communities and local transportation, and training clinicians and women with disabilities. Stakeholders affirmed the relevance of these tools to their work and encouraged developing a Toolbox. The Toolbox, launched in May 2013, provides information and links to existing tools and accepts feedback and proposals for additional tools. This Toolbox offers central access to existing tools. Maternal and child health stakeholders and other service providers can better locate, adopt and implement existing tools to facilitate CPS receipt among adolescent girls with disabilities who are transitioning into adult care as well as women with disabilities of childbearing ages and beyond.

Alternate JournalMatern Child Health J
PubMed ID25359095
PubMed Central IDPMC4473762
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