TitleTeam Building Through Physical Challenges in Gender-Segregated Classes and Student Self-conceptions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsGibbons, SL, Ebbeck, V
JournalJournal of Experiential Education
Pagination71 - 86
Date Published1/2011

It was of interest to determine if earlier research findings, where female students were particularly advantaged by the Team Building Through Physical Challenges (TBPC; Glover & Midura, 1992) program in a coeducational setting, would still be observed in gender-segregated physical education classes. A total of 260 female (n = 127) and male (n = 133) middle school students were assigned to either treatment (participate in one TBPC activity every second week) or control (no exposure to TBPC activities) conditions. Assessments of six self-conceptions were collected before and after a five-month intervention period. Data were analyzed using a 2 (control/treatment) X 2 (pre-intervention/post-intervention) X 2 (female/male) repeated measures multivariate analysis of covariance. Examination of the results suggested that the TBPC program continues to somewhat advantage female students in gender-segregated classes, although the overriding finding was that the program is associated with beneficial outcomes for both female and male students.