TitleA Systematic Review of Physical Activity Study Based on the Transtheoretical Model in China from 1998 to 2012
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSi, Q, Yu, K-h, Chen, Q, Wang, L, Cardinal, BJ, Lin, Y-y
JournalChina Sport Science
KeywordsExercise, psychology, research methodology, young student

The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) was first proposed in China in 1998.Since its initial introduction some 15 years ago,no systematic review has been conducted on the body of whole works that have been produced.The purpose of this study is to address this gap by systematically reviewing the body of work on TTM and physical activity behavior in China from 1998 to 2012,and test the feasibility of developing TTM based intervention to promote adolescents’ physical activity.Studies published between January 1,1998 and December 31,2012 was located by searching three databases (i.e.,CNKI,WANFANG DATA,& VIP).Each of the full texts of the identified papers and the associated reference lists of all relevant publications were retrieved and reviewed (n=114).Data were coded and analyzed using a semi-quantitative summary,with the 12 studies that emphasized adolescents’ physical activity behavior being further analyzed. The results showed that the TTM remains a popular theoretical basis for the study of physical activity in China,however,intervention and/or longitudinal designs,as well as the study carried out using all of the core TTM constructs were insufficient,the suitability and applicability of the model remains to be further tested.Of the 12 studies that focused on adolescents’ physical activity,only one was an intervention design,and one was based on all dimension of the model,referable results for the follow-up research is extremely limited .Variables consistently associated with adolescents’ physical activity were gender (male > female),grade in school (inverse) and decisional balance.Future research is needed that focuses on longitudinal study designs,diverse participant recruitment,measurement validation,and studies based on all dimensions of TTM.There is an increasing need to provide definitional criteria for physical activity (i.e.,information about duration,intensity,or frequency) and standardize the stage of change.Furthermore,the evidence about how to develop physical activity improving intervention for adolescents based on the TTM is limited.