TitleSupplementation of Ocean-Based Advance Protein Powder (APP) for Restoration of Body Growth, Bone Development and Immune Functions in Protein Malnourished Mice: Implications for Preventing Child Malnutrition.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsYang, KP, Wong, CP, Khanna, SK, Bray, TM
JournalEcol Food Nutr
Date Published05/2020

Child malnutrition is a global public health challenge. A protein malnutrition (PM) model in young mice was established in this study. The efficacy of an ocean-based protein (APP) extracted from by-catch fish as compared to casein and soy on restoring body weight, bone growth, and immunity of PM mice was evaluated. Results show that supplementation of APP increases body weight, lean muscle mass, bone area, mineral content and density. APP supplementation increases spleen, thymus weight, and interlukin-6 production. In conclusion, APP is an alternative source of protein to effectively restore body weight, bone growth and immune function of PM mice.

Alternate JournalEcol Food Nutr
PubMed ID32364411