TitleSteps for Community Fitness Organizations Seeking to Engage in Inclusive Practices
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsStinson, J, McCarty, K, Macdonald, M
JournalACSMʼs Health & Fitness Journal
Pagination16 - 21
Date Published04/2020

Apply It!

  • How to create a concrete plan for disability inclusion at your fitness facility.
  • Learn specific examples of inclusive practices.
  • Understand common barriers and solutions to become accessible to all participants.

Concrete solutions are necessary and provided within this article for incorporating inclusive practices into your fitness facility to engage current and potential members with a disability. Inclusion can be achieved through five key steps: 1) defining an inclusion policy, 2) educating staff, 3) removing all barriers, 4) including community members with disabilities, and 5) implementing consistent evaluation of practices. Following these five steps will help your organization achieve inclusion and put your equity, diversity, and inclusion philosophies into practice.

Short TitleACSMʼs Health & Fitness Journal