TitleSocial isolation and connectedness as determinants of well-being: Global evidence mapping focused on LGBTQ youth.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGarcia, J, Vargas, N, Clark, JL, Álvarez, MMagaña, Nelons, DA, Parker, RG
JournalGlob Public Health
Date Published10/2019

Social isolation describes a lack of a sense of belonging, the inability to engage and connect with others, and the neglect or deterioration of social relationships. This conceptual review describes how social isolation and connectedness affect the well-being of LGBTQ youth. Most studies focused on the psychosocial experience of social isolation, which led to suicide attempt, self-harm, sexual risk, and substance use. Scholarly work has drawn from a variety of frameworks, ranging from minority stress theory to positive youth development, to devise interventions that target isolation and connectedness in schools, community-based organisations, and in online environments. Finally, we discuss the importance of addressing social, cultural, and structural dimensions of social isolation in order to foster enabling environments that allow LGBTQ youth to thrive. This conceptual review suggests that individual and social transformations are the result of young people's meaningful participation in shaping their environment, which is made possible when their capabilities are fostered through social well-being. Our findings suggest the need for measures of social isolation among youth in databanks produced by global institutions, such as the World Health Organization.

Alternate JournalGlob Public Health
PubMed ID31658001