TitleSocial cognition: Comments on Hughes and Lecce. In R. E. Tremblay, R. B. Barr, R. DeV Peters, & M. Boivin
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMcClelland, MM, Schmitt, SA
JournalEncyclopedia on Early Childhood Development [online]

In their article, Hughes and Lecce focus on children’s early social cognition, which includes theory of mind (i.e., the understanding that a child’s thoughts and feelings may differ from those around him/her), emotion understanding and social competence. The article also adds to research in this area by emphasizing policy and intervention. The authors review research demonstrating that poor social cognition has been associated with several childhood impairments and disorders, such as autism, language impairment and conduct disorder. This research has also spawned the development of many programs that target social and emotional skills. Children’s social cognition develops primarily during the preschool years and helps lay the foundation for later academic success, making this time period critical for intervention development and implementation.