TitleSelf-reported physical activity in Hispanic adults living with HIV: comparison with accelerometer and pedometer.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
Authors,, Rivera-Brown, AM, Nazario, CMaria, ,, Smit, E, Smith, BA
JournalThe Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care : JANAC
Date Published2008 Jul-Aug
KeywordsReproducibility of Results

Limited information is available regarding physical activity (PA) and its assessment in Hispanics living with HIV. This study compared self-reported PA using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) with objectively measured PA using the ActiGraph accelerometer and DigiWalker pedometer in 58 Hispanic adults with HIV. IPAQ was administered before and after a 7-day period in which subjects wore the ActiGraph and DigiWalker. PA classification was based on > or = 150 min/wk (IPAQ, ActiGraph) and > or = 10,000 steps/day (DigiWalker). IPAQ-PA was higher than ActiGraph-PA (423 +/- 298 vs. 165 +/- 134 min/wk, respectively) (p < .01). There was a mismatch in PA classification with the IPAQ, ActiGraph, and DigiWalker (active = 81%, 54%, and 17%, respectively). Hispanics with HIV highly overestimated self-reported PA. Nurse scientists and other investigators must consider accelerometers or pedometers to assess PA in this population.