TitleSee the Future: Extension’s role in vision education for older adults in the community
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBrandt, J, Raab, C
JournalForum for Family and Consumer Issues

Good vision is essential for personal safety and well-being. By providing vision education, Extension can play a role in helping community members understand the normal changes related to aging, what common disorders to watch for, and what to do to maintain and protect their vision. See the Future: Your Vision as You Age, an Extension-developed program, was offered as a statewide Family and Community Education (FCE) program. To date, 276 participants have completed evaluation surveys following the program. On a scale from “none” to “very good,” participants reported significant increases (p=.000) in their understanding of how age affects vision, signs and symptoms of common vision disorders in later life, and what to do to protect eyes and vision. Fifty-five percent indicated that they planned to take action after the program including seeking vision care from a professional (17 percent).