TitleIn Search of Integrated Health Care System Tailored to Korea
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsYoon, J, Shin, YSeok
JournalHealth Policy and Management

This manuscript treats a new paradigm for the Korean health care system. We give and an account of innovative health care delivery and payment models widely discussed in the contemporary US accountable care organization and coordinated care organization. In doing so, we explore a new health care model amenable to foreseeable changes to the health care system. we propose creating an integrated health care system in which the network of health care providers delivers coordinated and comprehensive care for enrolled patients residing within the geographic boundaries served by the provider networks; providers may participate voluntarily in one or more networks and assume shared responsibility for patient care and cost; provider networks compete with each other based on cost and quality; and consumers are allowed to choose a network. We expect that the new paradigm will create a financially-sustainable system that assures quality of care and improves patient experience, minimizing the existing system-wide inefficiency through cross-network competition and withing-network care coordination.