TitleSchool readiness in children living in non-parental care: Impacts of Head Start
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLipscomb, ST, Pratt, ME, Schmitt, SA, Pears, KC, Kim, HK
JournalJournal of Applied Developmental Psychology
Pagination28 - 37
Date Published01/2013

The current study examines the effects of Head Start on the development of school readiness outcomes for children living in non-parental care. Data were obtained from the Head Start Impact Study, a randomized controlled trial of Head Start conducted with a nationally representative sample of Head Start programs and families. The sample included 253 children living in non-parental care (defined as a primary caregiver who self-identified as someone other than a biological, adoptive, or step-parent), who experienced elevated rates of child and family risk factors. Results revealed modest direct short-term and indirect longer-term impacts of Head Start on school readiness outcomes (increased pre-academic skills, more positive teacher–child relationships, and reductions in behavior problems) for children living in non-parental care. Limitations of this study and directions for future research are discussed.

Short TitleJournal of Applied Developmental Psychology