TitleSchool re-opening?: Make sure children have time for daily recess
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsMcNamara, L, London, R, Ramstetter, C, Baines, E, Beresin, A, Claasson, J, Doyle, W, Hyndman, B, Jarrett, O, Massey, WV, Rhea, D
PublisherGlobal Recess Alliance

The Global Recess Alliance, a newly formed group of scholars, health professionals, and education leaders, argues that attention to recess during school reopening is essential. Recess is the only unstructured time in the school day that provides space for children’s physical, social and emotional development, which are essential for well-being and learning. When schools reopen, children will need space to heal from their collective trauma. Seeing their friends, playing, and being outside add normalcy to the school day and are important ways to heal. We urge educational leaders and policymakers to include recess in their reopening schedules and to ensure that time is physically and emotionally safe, healthy, and productive for all children and adults.