TitleSafety in steep slope logging operations.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGarland, J, Belart, F, Crawford, R, Chung, W, Cushing, T, Fitzgerald, S, Green, P, Kincl, L, Leshchinsky, B, Morrissette, B, Sessions, J, Wimer, J
JournalJ Agromedicine
Date Published04/2019
KeywordsAccidents, Occupational, Farmers, Forestry, Humans, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, U.S., Occupational Health, United States, Workplace

Partial results of a NIOSH-funded study for "Protecting the Logging Workforce: Development of Innovative Logging Techniques for a Safer Work Environment" by a team of researchers at Oregon State University are presented that review safety in steep slope logging. Comparisons are made for hazards and exposures of "conventional" and new technologies for steep slopes. Hazards of new technologies are identified. Safety assessments are addressed for forestry sectors internationally, for the firm and for workers. Important questions of technical feasibility, economic viability and environmental performance are raised. Ongoing research on operators using tethered and untethered systems are described. Results will help inform training and selecting operators. New Best Operating Practices and safety code regulations will result from the research. New technologies will reduce worker hazards and exposures for steep slope logging.

Alternate JournalJ Agromedicine
PubMed ID30860962
Grant ListU54 OH007544 / OH / NIOSH CDC HHS / United States
U01 OH010978 / OH / NIOSH CDC HHS / United States