TitleRevisiting the Reproductive Concerns After Cancer (RCAC) Scale.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGorman, JR, Pan-Weisz, TM, Drizin, JH, H Su, I, Malcarne, VL
Date Published05/2019

PURPOSE: The aims of this study were to examine the factor structure and reliability of the multidimensional Reproductive Concerns After Cancer (RCAC) scale in a sample of female cancer survivors during their reproductive years, younger than age 45.

METHODS: Female reproductive-aged survivors (N = 238, current age 18 to 44 years) with a variety of cancer diagnoses completed a web-based survey that included the RCAC scale. Three structural models were examined via confirmatory factor analysis: 1) one-factor, 2) higher-order with one second-order factor and six first-order factors, and 3) oblique six-factor. Reliability was examined using omega total and Revelle's omega total.

RESULTS: Only the oblique six-factor model of the RCAC scale fit well. Omega total and Revelle's omega total estimates for all of the six three-item subscales were in the nearly satisfactory to good range (.66 to.87).

CONCLUSIONS: The RCAC scale was found to have satisfactory factor structure and reliability when measuring a range of reproductive concerns experienced by female reproductive-aged survivors. The RCAC scale is a multidimensional measure of varying aspects of reproductive concerns, and results suggest that the scale may be best represented as a profile of subscale scores. The subscale scores would be useful for tailoring recommendations and interventions to more effectively address the diverse reproductive concerns of female reproductive-aged survivors.

Alternate JournalPsychooncology
PubMed ID31128074