TitleResearch Challenges and Lessons Learned From Conducting Community-Based Research With the Hmong Community.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKue, J, Thorburn, S, Keon, KLevy
JournalHealth promotion practice
Date Published2014 Dec 1

Background. Conducting research with underserved communities with little exposure to research presents a number of challenges and opportunities. Our study used a community-based approach to better understand factors that influence breast and cervical cancer screening among Hmong women. Objective. This article shares lessons learned during the process of developing and conducting qualitative research with a Hmong community with limited experience with research. Method. We conducted 17 key informant and 84 in-depth interviews with Hmong women and men. Research team discussions, insights from Hmong research team members, input from our Community Advisory Committee, and project documents were sources of information about the process of conducting research in this community. Results. Lessons learned concern including a cultural insider as an investigator; building community partnerships and support; establishing and working with a community advisory committee; hiring and training bilingual, bicultural staff; and using culturally appropriate materials and methods in a small, kinship-based community. We used multiple strategies to ensure that this study was conducted in a culturally appropriate manner. Conclusion. The lessons learned from our experiences can provide guidance to researchers on methodological and practical issues in conducting research with the Hmong and can inform future research with the Hmong and other similar underserved populations.