TitlePsychological State and Behavioural Profiles of Freshman Enrolled in College and University Instructional Physical Activity Programmes under Different Policy Conditions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsKim, MS, Cardinal, BJ
JournalMontenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine
Pagination13 - 20
Date Published09/2019

Between late adolescence and early adulthood, people experience a precipitous decline in their participation in physical activity. Those attending college or university are often presented with opportunities to partake in physical activity, sometimes under compulsory conditions and sometimes under elective conditions. This study examined the psychological and behavioural characteristics of freshman students under these two separate conditions. The main finding was that students under the elective condition felt more competent and motivated compared to those in the compulsory condition. They were also more physically active. When offered as electives, tertiary level physical activity education courses may be limited in reach, primarily attracting those who would likely be physically active without any such coursework.

Short TitleMonten. J. Sports Sci. Med.