TitleProcesses Linking Social Class and Racial Socialization in African American Dual-Earner Families.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsCrouter, AC, Baril, ME, Chandler, KD, McHale, SM
JournalJournal of marriage and the family
Date Published2008 Dec 1

We examined the links between social class, occupational self-direction, self-efficacy, and racial socialization in a sample of 128 two-parent African American couples raising adolescents. A series of multivariate, multilevel models revealed that mothers' SES was connected to self-efficacy via its association with occupational self-direction; in turn, self-efficacy partially explained the association between occupational self-direction and racial socialization. The link between maternal self-efficacy and racial socialization depended on whether or not children had experienced discrimination. For fathers, a strong link between SES and occupational self-direction emerged, but significant associations were not found between occupational self-direction and self-efficacy, or self-efficacy and racial socialization. The discussion focuses on mother-father differences and the role of child effects in racial socialization.