TitleA population-based study on substance abuse treatment for adults with disabilities: access, utilization, and treatment outcomes.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKrahn, GL, Deck, D, Gabriel, R, Farrell, N
JournalThe American journal of drug and alcohol abuse
Date Published2007
KeywordsTreatment Outcome

AIMS: To examine potential disparities in access to substance abuse treatment services for Medicaid-eligible adults with disabilities, and compare utilization rates and outcomes in outpatient programs. DESIGN: Population-based multi-year cross-sectional study. SETTING: State-wide examination of substance-abuse treatment, particularly outpatient. PARTICIPANTS: Medicaid enrollees aged 18-64. MEASURES: Treatment access and utilization; outcome measures of retention, completion, readmission, and abstinence derived from state treatment and Medicaid databases. FINDINGS: Access and utilization rates for adults with disabilities were about half others' rates; treatment outcomes were generally equivalent across groups. CONCLUSIONS: Adults with disabilities are underutilizing substance abuse treatment, suggesting barriers to accessing treatment.