TitleFrom Policy to Practice: Women's Experiences of Breastfeeding-Friendly Worksites, Part 2
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCheyney, M, Henning, M, Horan, H, Bovbjerg, ML, Ferguson, M
JournalClinical Lactation
Pagination113 - 120
Date Published08/2019

Introduction Maintaining lactation after returning to work is imperative for overall breastfeeding success, yet mothers who return to full-time employment outside the home are unlikely to meet their breastfeeding goals. Breastfeeding-friendly worksites are one potential solution. Method Using semi-structured interviews with employees in one rural New England town (N = 18), we aimed to better understand the barriers and supports to continued lactation at “breastfeeding-friendly” worksites. Results Five key themes emerged from participants' narratives; two built environment-focused themes are discussed here. Discussion Findings expose the disproportionate burden placed on women when care- and wage-work are combined, even in worksites at least theoretically committed to supporting lactation following a return to work.

Short TitleClin Lactation