TitlePhysical functioning in elderly persons with kidney disease.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsOdden, MC
JournalAdvances in chronic kidney disease
Date Published2010 Jul
KeywordsRenal Dialysis

Poor physical functioning in dialysis patients has been well documented. Several studies have reported an association of poor kidney function with adverse physical functioning outcomes, even in elderly persons with mild decrements in kidney function. These associations have been observed across multiple domains of physical function. This review summarizes the current research on physical functioning in kidney disease, with a special focus on elderly populations. Elderly persons with kidney disease may especially be at a high risk for disability and other adverse outcomes because of the dual effects of aging and kidney dysfunction on physical functioning. Both the correction of anemia and physical activity are effective for at least moderate improvements in physical function although these studies have been conducted primarily in younger persons with less comorbidity. The evidence that exists on exercise interventions in older adults with kidney disease is promising, although this population has been underrepresented in trials to date. More research on potential interventions to prevent or reduce poor physical functioning is needed in elderly persons with kidney disease.