TitlePhysical Activity, Self-Regulation, and Early Academic Achievement in Preschool Children
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBecker, DR, McClelland, MM, Loprinzi, P, Trost, SG
JournalEarly Education & Development
Pagination56 - 70
Date Published01/2014

Research Findings: The present study investigated whether active play during recess was associated with self-regulation and academic achievement in a prekindergarten sample. A total of 51 children in classes containing approximately half Head Start children were assessed on self-regulation, active play, and early academic achievement. Path analyses indicated that higher active play was associated with better self-regulation, which in turn was associated with higher scores on early reading and math assessments. Practice or Policy: Results point to the benefits of active play for promoting self-regulation and offer insight into possible interventions designed to promote self-regulation and academic achievement.