TitlePerformance Measurement and Performance Indicators
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsStar, S, Russ-Eft, D, Braverman, MT, Levine, R
JournalHuman Resource Development Review
Pagination151 - 181
Date PublishedAug-06-2016

Performance measurement systems (PMSs) are developed and implemented to support the accomplishment of objectives of an organization or organizational initiative. PMSs are structured to enable monitoring of performance. This monitoring is accomplished through the identification of areas of concern and success, with the ultimate goals of developing organizational capabilities and enhancing organizational learning. This article reviews the literature on performance measurement and its implementation, and proposes a model to guide the development and implementation of PMSs. The article concludes with a consideration of the broader implications of PMSs and provides recommendations for future research in PMSs with regard to human resource development.

Short TitleHuman Resource Development Review