TitleThe Perceived Role of Family in Heroin Use Behaviors of Mexican-American Men.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsApplewhite, SR, Mendez-Luck, CA, Kao, D, Torres, LR, Scinta, A, Villarreal, YR, Haider, A, Bordnick, PS
JournalJ Immigr Minor Health
Date Published10/2017
KeywordsAcculturation, Aged, Family Relations, Heroin, Humans, Interviews as Topic, Male, Mexican Americans, Middle Aged, Perception, Qualitative Research, Social Support, Substance Abuse, Intravenous

The influence of the family is not well understood as it relates to drug use behaviors of Hispanic male adults. We examined the family's influence on drug use behavior, as perceived by Hispanic men who use heroin. One-time qualitative interviews were conducted with 21 current and former heroin users who participated in a larger study on long-term heroin use in Mexican-American men. Data were analyzed using a thematic analysis approach. Three main themes emerged: family as a supportive environment for heroin use; heroin as a family legacy; and, the family's strategies for helping to stop using heroin. A sub-theme emerged on the paradox of family involvement, which spanned the three main themes. This research lays a foundation for future work to disentangle the risks and benefits of family involvement to inform culturally-centered therapies and cultural adaptations to traditional therapeutic approaches with Mexican-American men who abuse drugs.

Alternate JournalJ Immigr Minor Health
PubMed ID27137526
PubMed Central IDPMC5086440
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5R24DA019798-07 / / National Institute on Drug Abuse-funded University of Houston Drug Abuse Research Development Program / International
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