TitlePerceived Impact of IDA Participation Among Hawaiians
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsRothwell, D, Bhaiji, R, Blumenthal, A
JournalRothwell, DW, Bhaiji, R., & Blumenthal, A.(2013). Perceived impact of IDA participation among Hawaiians. Journal of Indigenous Social Development

Indigenous peoples face many challenges in terms of social development and the lingering effects of colonization. Asset-based social welfare interventions have shown positive effects in both the long- and short-terms. Some Indigenous communities are now exploring how asset-based interventions might promote social development. This qualitative descriptive study explores the perceived impact of a large asset-building intervention—the Individual Development Account (IDA) program—for Indigenous Native Hawaiians. Participants felt that the culturallybased program material led to their empowerment and that they gained lasting skills. Participants attributed skills development and psychological changes and tangible asset gains to the IDA program. Notably barriers to succeed in the program included the lack of flexibility of the program’s savings requirements and life events forcing an exit from the program. To improve, social development asset-based programs must address the challenges faced by some participants.