TitleParticipant Perceptions of the Double Up Food Bucks Program at Oregon Farmers' Markets.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsRockler, BE, Grutzmacher, SK, Smit, E, Notarianni, M
JournalJ Nutr Educ Behav
Date Published04/2020

OBJECTIVE: To explore perceptions of program impact among Double Up Food Bucks participants in Oregon.

METHODS: Data were collected from 1,223 Double Up Food Bucks participants at 42 Oregon farmers' markets. Chi-square tests of independence and logistic regressions were used to examine associations among key variables.

RESULTS: Most participants reported buying more fruits and vegetables (FVs) (91.0%), trying new FV types (82.2%), eating less processed food (69.8%), having more food available at home (81.1%), and perceiving improvements in health (87.9%). Perceptions of affordability were higher among younger adults (P < .001) and households with 3-5 people (P = .02), with children (P < .001), and without chronic disease (P = .003). Perceptions of increased FV purchases were higher in households with children (P = .009) and reported overall health improvements were higher among nonwhite participants (P = .04). Perceptions of increased FV purchases and affordability were associated with other positive program outcomes.

CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS: Participants may perceive barriers to purchasing FVs from farmers' markets, which are not fully addressed by the increased purchasing power from a FV incentive. Targeted redesign, outreach, and education may improve program experiences among groups with less positive perceptions. Further research to identify explanations for variation in program experience is needed.

Alternate JournalJ Nutr Educ Behav
PubMed ID32268970