TitleOsteoporosis and milk intake among Korean women in California: relationship with acculturation to U.S. lifestyle.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsIrvin, VL, Nichols, JF, C Hofstetter, R, Ojeda, VD, Song, Y, Kang, S, Hovell, MF
JournalJournal of immigrant and minority health / Center for Minority Public Health
Date Published01/2013
KeywordsYoung Adult

The Korean population in the US increased by a third between 2000 and 2010. Korean women in the US report low calcium intake and relatively high rate of fractures. However, little is known about the prevalence of osteoporosis among Korean American women. This paper examined the relationship between prevalence of osteoporosis and milk consumption, and their relationship with acculturation among a representative sample of immigrant California women of Korean descent. Bilingual telephone surveys were conducted from a probability sample (N = 590) in 2007. Lower acculturation significantly related to lower milk consumption for women during the age periods of 12-18 and 19-34 years. Acculturation was related to higher prevalence of osteoporosis among post-menopausal, but not pre-menopausal Korean women in California. Future research should include larger cohorts, objective measures of osteoporosis, other sources of calcium specific to Korean cuisine, and assessment of bone-loading physical activity.