TitleNew view of the Mondo Disease Ontology High-level Classification According to Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine textbook.
Publication TypeGovernment Report
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsToro, S, Hamosh, A, Matentzoglu, N, Munoz-Torres, M, Chan, LE, Thaxton, C, Alyea, G, Haendel, M, Mungall, C, Robinson, PN, Vasilevsky, N

Medical and ontology experts met at a workshop in April 2021 to investigate a new classification for the Mondo ontology that may complement/correspond with the clinical community's approach to disease classification. The “Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine” textbook (below called ‘Harrison’) has been used as a landmark in medicine, for both trainees and practicing clinicians. The goal of this workshop was to review the high-level classification of Mondo to reflect the organization of Harrison's book of medicine, and thereby offer a clinically oriented view of Mondo (called “Harrison view”). This report summarizes the changes made to the Mondo ontology and the creation of a new “Harrison view” of Mondo.