TitleA national evaluation of community-based youth cessation programs: design and implementation.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsCurry, SJ, Mermelstein, RJ, Sporer, AK, Emery, SL, Berbaum, ML, Campbell, RT, Carusi, C, Flay, BR, Taylor, K, Warnecke, RB
JournalEvaluation review
Date Published2010 Dec

Although widely available, little is known about the effectiveness of youth cessation treatments delivered in real-world settings. The authors recruited a nonprobability sample of 41 community-based group-format programs that treated at least 15 youth per year and included evidence-based treatment components. Data collection included longitudinal surveys of youth participants (n = 878); posttreatment surveys of program leaders (n = 77); and one-time surveys of organizational leaders (n = 64)and community leaders in education, health, and juvenile justice (n = 94). Information about smoking-related ordinances was collected at the state and local levels. The framework, evaluation design, and implementation strategies described in this article provide a template for large-scale real-world program evaluations.