TitleMy Interventional Drug-Eluting Stent Educational App (MyIDEA): Patient-Centered Design Methodology.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBoyd, ADallas, Moores, K, Shah, V, Sadhu, E, Shroff, A, Groo, V, Dickens, C, Field, J, Baumann, M, Welland, B, Gutowski, G, Flores, JD, Zhao, Z, Bahroos, N, Hynes, DM, Wilkie, DJ
JournalJMIR Mhealth Uhealth
Date Published07/2015

BACKGROUND: Patient adherence to medication regimens is critical in most chronic disease treatment plans. This study uses a patient-centered tablet app, "My Interventional Drug-Eluting Stent Educational App (MyIDEA)." This is an educational program designed to improve patient medication adherence.

OBJECTIVE: Our goal is to describe the design, methodology, limitations, and results of the MyIDEA tablet app. We created a mobile technology-based patient education app to improve dual antiplatelet therapy adherence in patients who underwent a percutaneous coronary intervention and received a drug-eluting stent.

METHODS: Patient advisers were involved in the development process of MyIDEA from the initial wireframe to the final launch of the product. The program was restructured and redesigned based on the patient advisers' suggestions as well as those from multidisciplinary team members. To accommodate those with low health literacy, we modified the language and employed attractive color schemes to improve ease of use. We assumed that the target patient population may have little to no experience with electronic tablets, and therefore, we designed the interface to be as intuitive as possible.

RESULTS: The MyIDEA app has been successfully deployed to a low-health-literate elderly patient population in the hospital setting. A total of 6 patients have interacted with MyIDEA for an average of 17.6 minutes/session.

CONCLUSIONS: Including patient advisers in the early phases of a mobile patient education development process is critical. A number of changes in text order, language, and color schemes occurred to improve ease of use. The MyIDEA program has been successfully deployed to a low-health-literate elderly patient population. Leveraging patient advisers throughout the development process helps to ensure implementation success.

Alternate JournalJMIR Mhealth Uhealth
PubMed ID26139587
PubMed Central IDPMC4526975
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