TitleMeasuring the Multidimensional Reproductive Concerns of Young Adult Male Cancer Survivors.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsGorman, JR, Drizin, JH, Malcarne, VL, Hsieh, T-C
JournalJ Adolesc Young Adult Oncol
Date Published04/2020

The aims of this study were to adapt the multidimensional Reproductive Concerns After Cancer (RCAC) scale for use with young adult (YA) male cancer survivors, defined as current age 18-35 years and at least 1 year postdiagnosis, and to examine the factor structure, reliability, and validity of the newly adapted RCAC-Male (RCAC-M) scale. We conducted cognitive interviews with 10 YA male cancer survivors to inform modifications to RCAC item wording. Online surveys were then completed by 170 YA male cancer survivors. We used confirmatory factor analysis to examine structural models of the RCAC-M scale, and assessed reliability and construct validity. The oblique six-factor model of the RCAC-M scale provided the best model fit. Omega total and Revelle's omega total estimates for all six three-item subscales were in the nearly satisfactory to good range (0.69-0.88). As hypothesized, men who wanted to have a baby and men who believed that having a biological child was very important scored higher on at least one RCAC-M subscale. We observed correlations in the expected directions between the RCAC-M and measures of depression and health-related quality of life. The RCAC-M scale is a multidimensional scale that is best represented as a profile of subscale scores. This scale demonstrated good reliability and construct validity and can be used to inform tailored interventions to more effectively address men's reproductive concerns.

Alternate JournalJ Adolesc Young Adult Oncol
PubMed ID32298593