TitleLinking demographic change and the life course: Insights from the “life course cube."
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsHuinink, J, Jr, RASetters, Bernardi, L, Falkingham, J, Evandrou, M, Vlachantoni, A
Book TitleHandbook on Demographic Change and the Lifecourse
Pagination7 - 21
PublisherEdward Elgar Publishing

Research on demographic change and the study of individual lifecourses are intimately connected because population processes are the macro-level expression of lower-level processes, especially at the individual level. Demographic research addresses highly complex and interdependent processes that cross three dimensions: levels of analysis, life domains and time. This complexity demands a modeling strategy that is simultaneously sophisticated and straightforward. The authors apply the “life course cube” as a heuristic model for analysing individual lifecourses and the interdependencies of the three dimensions that comprise the cube. Because the cube addresses the multidimensional, dynamic interrelation of structure and agency, it helps guide explanations and predictions of demographic change. The authors describe the main elements of the life course cube, its theoretical underpinnings, and what makes it distinct from other approaches. They illustrate how the interdependencies revealed by the cube are necessary for analysing demographic change and its intersection with the lifecourse.