TitleLearning Goals and the Challenge Course Experience: An Exploratory Study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSchary, D, Lewis, AB, Cardinal, BJ
JournalRecreational Sports Journal
Pagination59 - 68
Date Published04/2015

This study explored the short- and long-term ability of a university affiliated challenge course program to provide a lasting, quality experience for college participants aligning with the university’s Learning Goals for Graduates (LGGs). The Challenge Course Experience Questionnaire (CCEQ), a newly created assessment tool, was administered to 375 participants in 16 different groups. Participants completed a four to six hour program, consisting of low- and high-course elements. Participants were assessed before, immediately after, and three months following their program. A significant increase in both CCEQ variables and LGGs immediately following the challenge course program was observed; however, a three-month follow-up revealed the majority of measured concepts had significantly decreased below or back to initial levels. These findings have implications for practitioners in terms of perceived challenge course benefits and long-term learning outcome retention. Suggestions for challenge course professionals and future research considerations are given.