TitleLeading Contributors to the Research Consortium's Annual Program, 1992–2011: High-Visibility Institutions, Researchers, and Topics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsCardinal, BJ, Lee, H
JournalMeasurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science
Pagination74 - 87
Date Published01/2013

Between 1992–2011, peer-reviewed research on the Research Consortium's annual program has been published in abstract form in the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. On the basis of frequency, high-visibility institutions, researchers, and sub-disciplinary categories were identified. Data were extracted from each abstract (N = 5,587). On average, 279 (SD = 39) abstracts were published annually. The highest visibility institution was Texas A&M University, College Station; individual researcher, Weimo Zhu; and sub-disciplinary area, Pedagogy. Twelve of the top 20 institutions identified in this study took part in the most recent ranking of doctoral programs conducted by the National Academy of Kinesiology, with the Spearman's rho correlation being .66. These results may inform the Research Consortium's and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance's strategic planning efforts. Those interested in pursuing graduate degrees in the field and those who advise others about potential institutions and faculty mentors to study with may also benefit from this work. However, in doing so, a judicious interpretation of the results must be applied, as many factors should be considered when selecting a graduate program or mentor to study with, especially for those seeking research careers. Additional discussion points also emerged.